Adjacency bonuses - Slight rework?

Adjacency in FAF is interesting. But it's overpowered at the t3 stage while being underpowered at the t1 stage.

How about: Full adjacency for T1 pgens changes from 25% to 33%? And full adjacency for T3 pgens changes from 75% to 66%?

with this, a T1 land factory with full T1 power adjacency will save 7 power instead of only 5, and a T1 air factory will save 30 power instead of only 21 or 22. And quick strat bombers will be a tiny bit more expensive in power to rush.

For replays, I submit every tournament match ever played on Crazy Rush or any other map with lines of T1 pgens and factories with no adjacency whatsoever. (And the nerf to t3 adjacency is just to keep the adjacency/tech relationship linear.)

Encourage ringing air facs so UEF bombers/janus can rape even more and provide more youtube content 😛

I agree with the idea, the low return on investment tend to favor lazy t1 building placement (i see nexus have a land fac template for mex adjacency, and some people have pgens templates too, but that's not the norm). Meanwhile t3 pgen adjacency feels so mandatory, you often slap yourself for making HQ in a spot where there is little space ...

I dont see t3 pgen adjacency in many tournament 1v1s (they seem to prioritize not making engineers move) but it's absolutely mandatory to go t3 air in team games to put hydro + 2 t2 pgena to get t3 air and + t3 pgen to start making asf.

I see t3 pgen adjacency in 1vs1 all the time. I think that a slight buff to t1 pgen adjacecency would be alright, but I don't like nerfing the t3 adjacency. Even if you would have 50% bonus with full ring of t1 pgens you wouldn't use it on heavy eco maps like Ditch or Crazy Rush, it's just not worth it. It would have biggest impact on 5x5's.

I submit this screenshot from Tagada vs Paralon as proof that T1 adjacency is underpowered:

(Yes, this is on "The Ditch".)

The Ditch is like the worst map possible to point to for t1 adjacency being underpowered. The whole point of adjacency is to introduce another opportunity cost between quick energy scaling and less intensive long term resource usage. On Ditch, literally nothing matters in the early game beyond the former. If people were utilizing adjacency on the map (at least in standard meta play), it would mean that not using adjacency is entirely 100% a false choice.

For that matter, adjacency energy storage + pgens could be buffed if you want to encourage risk

(Also, paragon doesn't give adjacency, big issue 😇)

Adjacency matters when you are dealing with low amounts of resources and you need to be most efficient resource wise and not time/ BP/ scaling wise. I submit my every single BO on low mass maps where I put my t1 pgens around my t1 air factory/s.