wrong linked account

Hi, so I have just recently downloaded the FAF client and was trying to get a friend of mine to download it as well. Our steam accounts have been linked via family share. The problem is that when they try to link their steam account and their FAF account, it says it is already linked to mine. So in response, I had tried to unlink my account, but that is not a thing, is it? I am also pretty sure that we both have the game separately bought and downloaded. If there is anything that you guys can do, that would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!

Further, update on this forum. I have made us link our FAF to each other's accounts so that my game is linked to their computer. And theirs to mine. This did solve the problem, but it would be quite annoying if anything went wrong. If anyone is able to unlink our steam accounts. We can switch them to the correct account. Thank you!

Handled in chat