Python server good first issues

If anyone knows some Python and wants to help FAF out, take a look at these good first issues that need doing. Contributing to FAF is a great way to get into Open Source as we need every contributer we can get. No contribution is too small to be valuable 🙂"good+first+issue"

These issues generally require very few code changes and sometimes involve simply deleting stuff.

Feel free to contact me on the FAF discord if you need any help!

Here's a great little issue that should be easy to do even with limited python experience:

Leave comment on the issue if you want me to assign it to you, and feel free to message me on the FAF discord if you want me to walk you through it.

I think this is for you @Gatsik

No, I’m more looking for people who want to contribute to FAF but don’t know where to start. These issues are a great place to start because they require very little code but can have a measurable impact.

I could do these myself, but when there are a lot of them they start to suck up a lot of time that I could be spending on bigger issues.