Game crash: platoon.lua(1444): method `GetLocationCoords' (a nil value)

Good day!

Today I've got two game crush with log error:
gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\platoon.lua(1444): attempt to call method `GetLocationCoords' (a nil value).

What i can do with this probrem? Log bellow.

Solution founded. Top of the log file gave info about bad disk drive. Reinstall game to new drive.

Hello warstar441 ,

the error attempt to call method `GetLocationCoords' (a nil value). is just a LUA warning and can't crash the game.

The game crashed inside the c-engine at address 0x023fd267
This is more likely a sound issue.

Please be sure your soundcard is set to only stereo and all soundenhancements are disabled.

@Uveso , after reinstall game to new disk problem was solved. Thanks.

@warstar441 , Thanks for reporting this back !