Missing Search Criteria in the Replay Vault?

Hello Everyone,

there are many useful data points in the replay vault that are obviously saved for each replay that I can't figure out how to search for.

For example: The game length.
I know you can search for the "start time" and "end time" but those seem to refer to the real life date the game was played. While that is useful, a criteria to search for games that lasted e.g. 10 minutes or longer, seems to be missing.

Similarly, I am unable to search for other features the replay server has definitely saved. Stuff like: The number of players that took part in a match, the average/minimum/maximum ranking of players, etc.

Am I just overlooking some feature in the replay vault?
Is the solution just to write the "search query" directly and if so is there a tutorial for that?

With how the database is constructed you cannot search by number of players in a match or the average rating.

The database is being worked on to allow searching by arbitrary rating again.

For game time you can use the query of replayTicks=ge={seconds*10}


Thanks for answer and the tipp regarding game time!

Is there a thread / github link regarding the stuff thats being done on the database?

https://github.com/FAForever/db is the github but there is not really a list of things

@Sheikah Thanks again!