LANFest April 2021

LANFest are enquiring if we wish to help them raise money for charity. Is there a TD and two casters who are interested in picking this up? Besides the charity, FAF might get some publicity. This is the message received from tachyon:

LANFest would like to partner with the FAF Community to raise funds for the Children's Miracle Network with a streamed and produced tournament, likely Saturday April 17th at 5p PST.

It would involve mutual social media / marketing pushes, and some hosts and casters from FAF.

My thoughts were to do a few 4v4 Seton's Clutch showcase matches with giveaways (likely CPU's or keyboards/mice) to participants, but I'm open to ideas. Definitely thinking something more open and accessible and fun than a hardcore tournament, to encourage anyone that likes blowing up robot armies to participate.
We would need at least two casters and someone to help design the tournament. My role would be communication with the LANFest volunteers and production team.

I'm still waiting to hear back if Children's Miracle network will do a mutual social media push agreement as well.

That sounds like a wonderful opportunity for the community. Well done!

FAF was part of an RTS pentathlon last year, gave away some CPU's, headsets, and keyboards and raised over $6k for food banks.

someone asked "do you want live casters or would me doing casts of games after the fact work?"

do you want live casters or would me doing casts of games after the fact work?

Live casters is the preferred format, since they'll have a full livestream and record at the same time.