Who is AutoHost?


AutoHost is a bot that I created whose sole purpose is to host games 24/7 for people to join. All games are intended to be All Welcome games so that anyone can join and be able to play without fear of being kicked due to rating or due to low game count. As part of this AutoHost games are Full Share, Optimal Balance mirrored, hosted on mapgen maps. the purpose of these settings is to try and create an environment where any player can get a game and not be punished or flamed for dying early or not knowing a map meta and additionally FullShare has seemed more conducive to games with larger rating disparities.

AutoHost Games will launch once all players slots are filled and every player is X'ed. It will notify players to X and will kick anyone who is AFK for greater than a minute when all the player slots are full.

Additionally if AutoHost does not have any players join the lobby for greater than 10 minutes then a new lobby with a new map will be created.

Feel free to join an AutoHost lobby and get playing.

Please note this is an alpha implementation which is running on my local machine and is not an official FAF bot so there may be times when AutoHost is down. Feel free to report any bugs or issues here and I can work on fixing them and implementing additional features.

Cool stuff. How did you program the bot?

Check out my maps here:

Madness 1 - 10


Heh it is just an AutoHotKey script

Do you have a raspberry pi doing that

No I didn't go through the effort of setting things up in linux. I just have an extra windows box lying around that I used.

10 games were launched by it last Sunday, 17 players with less than 500 rating participated. I think AutoHost is off to a great start.

This is an amazing addition to our community. Seeing it fill with lower ranked players over the past day gives me hope that player retention will increase, and we can gain more and more additions to higher level ladder.

Trying to autohost a 10-player game (Adaptive Twin Rivers) might be too much

Edit - Maybe there's a bug. In the lobby it says it wants 6 players. But the name of the lobby says 11/10 are needed.

That seemed to just be a temporary issue

I like this one. Did you talk to the dev team to support you on this idea to even improve it? (probably yes since your on the news page with this)

I mean the idea is great and your implementation is a showcasing it well. Something like this is needed for many new players. New players should find those games more easy.
Maybe your idea should be implemented natively to FAF.

Sheikah is part of the dev team šŸ˜‰

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Autohosting is a great idea, seeing 5+ craters, 5 gaps and 3 setons with various rating brackets every time and only 2-3 non-standard maps(1 of which is autohost) is very annoying and boring.

@Brutus5000 said in Who is AutoHost?:

Sheikah is part of the dev team šŸ˜‰

you all should have a tag's šŸ˜‰ (its not visible in Sheikah's profile in the first place)

@RaaFFC said in Who is AutoHost?:

@Brutus5000 said in Who is AutoHost?:

Sheikah is part of the dev team šŸ˜‰

you all should have a tag's šŸ˜‰ (its not visible in Sheikah's profile in the first place)

This i agree on the old forum you could see whome was a Touny Director, Contributor Ect

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