Direct Strike FAF tourney 3v3 73,5$ 4600cap

DS TOURNEY.jpg March 6 at 13:00 GMT 3v3 tournament on map DirectStrike FAF (last version). Team rating cap is 4600. CPU less than 300.
Single elimination system. BO1 and BO3 final.
TD Paralon and Lenkin
TD decision is final.

PP 73,5 $
1st - 14 $ each
2nd - 7 $ each
3rd - 3,5 $ each

Teams must provide a name for their team.

Team ​N.E.J.nost'
Neytron, EspiranTo-, Jadenw

DS Squad Foto, Nikerochek, Lenkin

oh no i missed it

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Looks like everyone did apparently.