Game keeps crashing despite disabling all audio into stereo

Hi, can anyone help me out?

I have checked through the forum and determine that it could potentially be due to my audio that is causing my game to crash. But after I have set everything into stereo, my game is still constantly crashing for no particular reason. is anyone able to help me out? I have attached the log file below.

Thank you.

Log File.txt

Step 1 is always disabling mods

And please, post the entire log - the last 100 lines is insufficient. I still see one XACT error in there, which means something is sound related - but - there's simply not enough log file to confirm it.

@Deribus I have tried to disable all mods but it still did not work.

@Sprouto I am unable to get more lines, do you know how do I get more? The log only provides 100 lines.

I found out that I could delete the game music files and that helped me a lot:

Head into your steam folder for SupCom:FA and delete both music files (The .xwb and the .xsb)

Should be in: ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\sounds