Mexes Dissapear When Zooming out (Made with Map Editor)

Hey There!

I made a Map with the Map editor and it worked pretty fine...but today i wanted to play my Map again, but i recognized that my mexes disappear when im zooming out...
I can see them When zoomed in, and i can also build on them...but as far as im zooming out the not Builed mex fields disappear...

anyone knows what to do?
Greetings, Nils

Did you put decals on them?

@arma473 said in Mexes Dissapear When Zooming out (Made with Map Editor):

Did you put decals on them?

This is not required.

You can send me the map(name), but check another map to see if itโ€™s not a game wide visual issue first.

@biass Hey, thanks you both for you help...
I could solve it...i played around with ingame settings (on the left the menu under the reccources.) And thats why it didnt worked after...

So if anyone has the same Problem: there is a funktion on the left where u can turn reccources visible/unvisible...

Greetings Nils

@killerfrog2222 Hi, can you be more specific where this option is? I'm not making a map, just playing the game, but I can't see the mex points when I zoom out and it's really annoying me!!! I've got to zoom right in and scroll about to find a mex point to build on....arghhh.


@variable_x I found it !! thanks lol ๐Ÿ˜„