Co-op leaderboards not working?


Question in the title. 🙂

Some friends and I play every week and a couple of us finally got around to seeing if the co-op campaign missions were any fun. It was definitely an interesting change of pace, but trying to press ourselves to finish quickly, we noticed that our times weren't being recorded. We turned off all sim mods and tried again, still no.

I tried one last time solo, with all sim and ui mods turned off, on a different campaign map, and got a score that would have put me top 15, still nope.

So did something recent break the leaderboard, or is this a long time known issue? It's not something we usually play, but I saw other people starting games the whole time, and don't see anything here about it not working.

And don't forget to scout.


Coop leaderboards have a very long and very sad history of being almost always broken. They were broken for many years, I fixed them, they worked for like a year, now they're broken again for some reason. They seem to have been broken since some time last fall.


okay, thanks for the confirmation. 🙂

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