Windows keyboard shortcuts trolling me ...

That's not really a FAF issue, probably a windows one ... but maybe someone here knows how to fix.

In game, after I strike a combination of keys, the entire keyboard switches to a different mode. Striking a key, "Q" for example, sends me to the desktop and opens an app (mostly windows apps, some stuff in the control panel ... etc) instead of working normally. So if I strike that combination by accident, my keyboard is rendered useless, Enter doesn't open chat, i can't type anything, can't use the game's shortcuts, I have to do everything with the mouse because striking a key just opening some random stuff on windows desktop.

Of course, I have not been able to find which combination does the trick, cause I don't really realize which keys I'm striking while playing. And since it's a weird one, i haven't find any usefull info on the net.

It's not some keyboard language shift, it's not the "sticky keys" option ... and it's happening enough time per month to drive me crazy. (╯ ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)╯┻━┻

Any idea ?

What type/brand of keyboard are you using?

Do you have a keyboard with "game mode" that disables the windows key? That can be useful. For example:

The Windows shortcuts I found that use the Q key are "windows + q" and "ctrl + windows + q" . . . so I'm going to guess that your problem is your keyboard thinks you pressed the "windows" key. Whether or not you even pressed it.

I had the same issue once. Was super frustrating that I couldn't even explain to my enemy why I can't keep on playing.
It seems that windows thinks you're constantly holding the windows key. Apparently pressing the physical windows key again fixes it, bit I don't know for sure, because it happened only once to me.