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Hello I am a returning player and things have changed quite a bit from 2018. I have a basic understanding of game mechanics but have trouble transitioning out of the early game and figuring out what to do and when after the first 5min or so.

Name is Airbornstinger on the discord, more active there.


Do u need training to solve transition?

Since you already have Discord, check out the official FAF-discord (can be found in the client, chat-menu, at the top). Head to the gameplay-and-training channel and ask any question or post an ID. You can also just DM any personal trainer to help you out.

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?


What do you mean by post and ID. I assume post a replay to be analyzed? Apparently my time is the opposite of peak hours for most player apparently. I am IN NA central.

Next game I play I will post the replay in the training channel.

Thank You.


Yes i am struggling to understand the time to transition in to T2, and so on in a 1v1.

Yeah I was referring to the ID of the replay. And dw about timezones, I've seen a trainer being online for each time even when I was asleep - or some just do it via Chat like I do with most of my trainees so time isn't an issue as well there

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?


Next game I get in I'll send it to you.

Thank you

Feel free to add yourself as teacher/student in this open community source of links. You must create group for students/teachers first. Https://


Hi guys,

I am looking for a trainer. I am basically stuck at ~650 - 700 on 1v1 and the same on 4v4 for months now. My 1k global rating is from old days where I played a lot of custom games and with whatever luck I got to ~1k on 2v2.
I know FA (or SupCom) from day 1 and played it since then with pauses again and again. I have ~1.5k games in and so know the game quite well. Nonetheless, my gameplay does not seem to reflect that ;-).
I am already studying my replays to find my mistakes and copy what others did well, but there is no visible improvement in rating. I am still having fun, but I am a little competitive as well and want to improve over time.

I hope to find someone who might guide me for some longer time, not just the next few games. I speak german and english and my timezone is CET. I mostly play wednesday evening and friday night. I current favorite faction is Aeon, but I was a very long time UEF player before that.

My latests 1v1s: #19109226 and #19109373


@lldaedalusll Check out the official discord and the channel #gameplay-and-training there.
It's where most of the trainers hang out and most of the replay reviews take place these days.