Returning player confused by how game has changed: successful turtles? map control not winning?

I started back on FA in December after about six or seven years away. Took me a while to get back into the basic groove but I think I've got it mostly now.

SInce I hit 800 in 1v1 and the map pool changed, I've been getting utterly trounced. Usually if I get beaten I can see why, but on some of these games I'm really struggling to figure out what happened. To me it looks like my opponent is turtling in their base, out-ecoing me and also managing to create enough units to keep me at bay.

This is a big change from what I'm used to. This ability to sit in base and tech up seems more like SupCom1 than FA and I really don't know how to approach it.

Here are a couple of replays where in my old-FA mindset I should have won easily on just map control, but that didn't happen.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Same as this thread.

You mistake "I am raiding a lot" with "I am doing a good job raiding."

You send 30 mantis to go kill 1 t1 mex. These 30 mantis then die 20-30 seconds later as they were sitting there not doing anything else. What does this mean? It means the enemy just walks some of his engineers over, scoops up 800 mass in tanks, and rebuilds the mex.

Repeat this several times, especially later in the game where you walked a ton of units into his giant t2 unit globs and suicided tons of air to do nearly no damage. And you turned what was a 20-30k total mass lead into a loss.

If you have a comfortable map control advantage where you have your half secure and are denying a lot of the expansions on the enemy side, why are you still pushing? It's the enemy that needs to push into you to stay relevant in the game.

Min 30 you have a kill-death ratio of .6 compared to his 1.7. Not only does this mean you are taking bad fights, but you are taking bad fights on his side of the map directly outside his main base. You are literally an organic mex for him to farm and scale up with.

(This was the first replay, I imagine the 2nd is the same story).

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Find me on discord, we can analyse the replay and u get better by learning.
U require a microphone

@FtXCommando thanks a lot for the feedback. Seems like I'll need to change my mindset a bit then, at the moment it's so ingrained in me not to turtle that I don't ever hang back and regroup.

The second replay is a naval map (Roanoke) and I don't think that I can have been making the same mistakes. In the end the opponent conceded due to time but he had about 20% more mass income than me over the game, and had multiple T3 power when I was basically still at T2. I'd spent the game making sure I had more islands than him and chipping away wherever I could.

@herzer99 thank you, I'll look out for you and take you up on the offer.

@Wainan on 20x20 maps you either go full animal raid/spam with ships in your case and lock your opponent on his main island and capture the smaller ones as well as get air control or you go full eco whore mode and tech,as to me it always has been the same,it's just people who learned what t2 mexes are 😛

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like: