getting UI Festival / Party working on 2 different monitors

ui festival no settings.PNG

Hi all hope you are well. I am trying to get FA working on two screens. Left screen is HD (1920x1080 x144hz) and the right screen is 4K (3840x2160 x60hz). I followed the guides in the archive forums as well as the guides I could find in the new forums. I got the .bat file working and using Auto hotkey to run it (all 3 files in the .bin folder under steam.files in bin folder.PNG

My main problem is with UI-festival/Party. I have both installed as well as Common Mod Tools. However the UI-festival menu is not displaying in-game. (See picture)

Also I noticed that in order to get the .bat file working I had to rename the exe within the code of the notepad file to "SupremeCommander.exe" instead of "ForgedAlliance.exe" See Image.Supreme-Commander-not-forged-alliance.PNG
The exe within the bin folder is called supreme commander. That's what steam installed it as.

Also I have Downlord's FAF Client installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am currently using the code to run FA only on 4K screen (Fake-fullscreen) and using the second screen for music as I have no idea how to get the mods working.

It looks like you are executing Steam FA

I haven't used the bat file before but I thought it would invoke the FAF FA which lives in programdata

@nine2 BugSplat.dll not found.PNG

Oh okay I see what u mean.
So I tried to run the exe within programData and got this error. So I guess this is why none of it is working? How do I fix it?

Can u run games normally through the faf client?