first rank 1200,too hight for a beginner with 3 games

Hello, i begin to play but my rank is 1200 with only 3 games. so, the beginners like me don't want to play with my rank and players around 1200 don't want to play with a player who only played 3 games. I don't known what to do. Any solution ?

Lose some games

yes but how without playing ?

Players around 1200 are happy to play with you, with only 3 games. You can host some custom 1v1s on maps that people like to play, like Finn's revenge and Winter duel. Just call them "all welcome" and you will get lots of games.

Your rating changes faster from 1v1s than from team games. You don't have to play very many to fix it.

do you mean 1v1 on ladder ?

@adamshdc No, i mean you can host your own custom game as a global ranked game

Just "create game" and pick a map like finn's or williamson's bridge

oh, ok . thank you very much