Looking for active clan

As the name suggests, looking for some good and active buddies for some coordination in the games (+ getting better). EU timezones work better for me.

You should be a bit more specific. What's your rating? For how long and how many games have you played? How often do you play? What maps do you like? Where are you from (might find people with your mother language even)? What rating do you want the others to have? Just to name a few things.
But tbh it's probably easier to just talk to people you've played with than to search on the forum.

BNS is the clan you are looking for.

@FemtoZetta: 600-700, but i've played against/with 1200+ and (not blowing my own trumpet) seen more skills. 500+ games, but i have stopped couple years ago, this year i've built a new rig and started again. Weekends and when time allows like holidays, daily. Been bored of gaps (partly the reason for my ranking), looking for 2v2 3v3 on new maps (like neroxis map gen) where you can play SupCom as meant to be played. Central Europe. I think a 1k - 1.5k rating would be fitting. I hope i answered all your questions 🙂

@LittleBoyBennis: do you have a site or just hang out in Chat / Discord?


we mostly just hang out

cheers mate, i'll pm you when i see you online 😉

You can also say hello to us on the EDC discord

@herzer99 will do mate 😉

Stop recruiting my clan members. He joined my clan first and is stuck with me now.