RCIII - Civilians ~ 3v3 ~ $1,200

All RCIII maps have had their final adjustments made to playability.
Most maps AIx multipliers were nerfed some.
The goal of map AI is to put slight to heavy pressure on players but not to win.
Check out maps here https:

Be sure to Match exactly the options on the right side of maps.
Always Double check the AI Types. and the options yellow dots.

Map #14 (below) for instance has 2 game specific options

  • the AI is:
  • AI:RNG Standard - and Not AIx,
    AND it has a AI Unit Cap of 500.
    14 Selkie Mirror.jpg

This is the Only tourny map where the AI does not have a cheat.
Will the players allow RNGAI to control the whole middle or will they deny?

RCIII Tournamenet - Shedule:
4 teams and 3 matches remain.

Finals:NushHoob + archsimkat + LimeZ3
Others: Nexus +hurzer99 + Protect
Blodier + Koiskix + Wesh
Swkoll + Inspector_Kot + sladow

Losers Round 3: Blodir/Swkoll match, Fri @1600 UTC
Losers Round 4: Losers Rd 3 winner / Nexus (determines 3rd place) Sat @1700 UTC
Finals: NushHoob's team / Winners of Losers round 4 (Nexus, Blodir or Swkoll) Sat @1800 UTC
If any casters would like to Cast the uncast games of Swkoll / Zlo:
They are below and both were 2 of best balanced game in tourny.
They would make for a good warm up before Blodir / Swkoll tourny on Friday.

Selkie Mirror Swkoll v Zlo
RNG with no multiplier, plays great, must see perfect balance fight fo main land

And the first Swkoll v Zlo on Tabula Rasa
was the best Swarm game yet,
they put No Navy in, and the Swarm's filled their corners and attacked evenly.

We are now down to the Last 2 matchs and 3 Teams.

Remaining Teams:

Losers Round 4: To be played on Saturday @ 5PM UTC (winner plays in Final)
1 - Nexus-.........................2510-c -+- hurzer99.................1715 -+- Protect.................1632. .....= 5.86K
4 - Blodir..........................2308-c -+- Koiskix......................1921 -+- Wesh.....................1777.......= 6.01K

Finals: To be played on Saturday @ 6PM UTC
11- NushHoob.................1998-c -+- archsimkat..........1915 -+- LimeZ3..................1750.......= 5.66K

Is there a way to watch these matches? Getting:
Unhandled exception:
Premature EOF
If I try to watch the live replay x

@FurryLikeMonkey said in Rainbow Cup III ~ 3 v 3 ~ $1.2K:

Is there a way to watch these matches? Getting:
Unhandled exception:
Premature EOF
If I try to watch the live replay x

Make sure to have down loaded the latest versions of the 4 mods being used:
AI-Uveso and

I know live replays still don't work for everyone,
The FAF streamers usually wait for them to finish DL'ng to the vault before playing back.

We have Finally Reached The Finals
To be played on Sunday @ 6PM UTC

11- NushHoob.......-+- archsimkat.........-+- LimeZ3
1 - Nexus-................-+- hurzer99..............-+- Protect

3rd Place goes to:
4 - Blodir..................-+- Koiskix....................-+- Wesh

All 3 Civilian Armies are gathered "Together" for the First Time.
On Adaptive Dark Liver
Azraeelian Angels' Swarm Terror doctrine is on the Left,
Uveso's Adaptive Armies are on the Right, and
Relent0rs' RNG Army and Air will be in Rear.
Match 22 > Game 1
Finals - Game 1 Map - Will be Adaptive Dark Liver
22 Adaptive Dark Liver.jpg
This map is a 3 team map, but it is Not symetrical about the player/AI axises.
So do NOT expect exact symmetry in the battle.
By now you should know Civilian tactics well, AND
will need to compensate.
If the team who loses this battle,
feels the gameplay favored the other side:
They May choose to "Trade" start positions and try same map again.
(This game will count as Game 2 of the Finals)
If losing team is 'ok' with the outcome,
and would like to choose alternate maps for game 2 and possible games 3-4,
then proceed as instructed below:
Match 22 > Game 2 & 3
Games 2 and 3 maps will be chosen by the Captains as follows:
Each Captain will send list of 8 map numbers, from the map pool to veto.
The remaining maps will be vetoed 1 at a time until 3 maps are left,
and then high seed Captain will pick "Odds or Evens"
The winner of the "Odds or Evens" roll, will then choose the map
to play for Game 2.
Odds or Evens will be decided on Aeolus by using the command - !roll -.
If a game 3 is needed, the other Captain,
will choose one of the remaining 2 maps to play.
(the 3rd remaining map will be used if a Tie Break is needed.)
Match 23 > Game 1 (only used if tie break is needed)
The 3rd map remaining in the Finals map selection will be used if tie break is needed.

We have Come to the end of the Rainbow Cup III

Team #11- NushHoob--+- archsimkat-------+- LimeZ3---1st Place. = $660.00

Team # 1 - Nexus------+- BloodOath/Picoo--+- Protect--2nd Place = $360.00

Team #4 - Blodir------+- Koiskix-----------+-Wesh----3rd Place = $180.00

Congratulations and thanks to All who participated.

The AI developers learned a lot.
Most AI was developed for 1v1 play, and team play is new.
Next years AI will be much smarter and AIx factors will be adjusted accordingly.
Some maps that did not play well, will be changed.
I've already come up with some fun things to try in RC IV

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!