BlackOps Broken Units?

Hello there!
So I've recently been trying to play again, but some of the units from the BlackOps mod pack no longer load, sorta. I have version 18 for the ACUs, the Experimental units, and the main Unit Pack. After testing, the UEF Escort Frigate, the Aeon Teleporting Harassment Bot, and the aeon T3 Heavy Air Transport will not build. Their icons are there, you can click them, but then they remove themselves from the build queue. Everything else, as far as I can tell, works.
If it helps any, I am using the most recent version of the Uveso Ai, the Idle Engineers v2, and the Smart Tactical Missile Launchers; all pulled out of the vault with their most current version. This problem though persists even without those enabled.
also, I tested this on Seton's, Bermuda Locket, and Open Palms.

Hello Manakete-King ,

Thanks for reporting this bug.

You can download the fixed mod version from the vault, or use my backup post with direct download links:

PS: I did not find any error with UEF Sea units.
Can you post me the Unit ID or the full name of the unit ?

Hi Uveso! Thank you so much for the update. Faithbreakers have been my favorite unit by far to play with. The UEF naval unit was the Knox Class Escort Frigate, T3. However, whatever you did or whatever the most recent client update did, fixed them as well. I had no issues in my two most recent tests selecting them, building them or getting them to attack things. So yes, everything seems to be working now and I greatly appreciate it. Sorry for the slow response, poor checking habits plus holidays make for a bad combination... Anyway, Happy Late Christmas! and I hope your new year will find you well. Thank you again and goodnight. 🙂

Hello Manakete-King ,

thanks for your reply, i am glad its working now.

Maybe another mod was interfering with the BlackOps naval unit ?

In case you find any other errors, please let me know.

Greetings, Uveso.