Patterned fake random

It's known that random is bad for cybersport, but SupCom with artillery always hitting the target is not SupCom (Scathis, Salvation). Counter Strike deals with this by fake random (as far as I know) where bullets consequently follow a pattern until it ends then return to the starting position of the pattern. Even if Counter Strike does not use it, we can use it for artillery fire, but the pattern should be taking into account both artillery and target positions (patterns should rotate).

artillery pattern.png

This way we:

  1. Remove random for artillery fire
  2. Keep it look random fore realism and fan
  3. Make remembering fire patterns a pro skill

how do you balance that if pro can make it the arty will always shoot accurately while it would have the same effectiveness than before for the random player ?
do you nerf the arty as a counter part, but then make arty bad for casual player. Or do you leave it like they are, and then arty that were balanced on having randomness to nerf their effectiveness will actually get a good buff ?

You do this and within a week there will be a no-recoil Arty UI mod circulating. I personally guarantee it.

Also this seems more like a balance change.

Oh, well. Maybe we should just remove recoil.

Randomness is bad for FPS games with low TTK, where randomness can decide who dies in a 2 second encounter. That doesn't happen in an RTS. Recoil patterns are an artificial way to raise the skill ceiling, an RTS has a high skill ceiling already.

Ok, there's a lot wrong here. Randomness is always a good thing in games so games aren't always ending in the same result using the same methods.
RTS and FPS are apples and tissues, they have no business being compared and many FPS have many random factors involved, the less there are the easier it is to cheat the system in some way (devices are made for CoD that can cancel recoil, introduction of predictable recoil just makes this even easier and even so not using said device.)
Having a false random is a terrible idea, you can clearly see where your shots are landing with an RTS, the old "my bullets went right through the enemy" thing you get on an FPS becomes a problem very quickly.
There are no recoil weapons in any game, usually they are called lasers, see TF2 memes on that with the Heavy. This does happen in that game's cheaters too.
A spread pattern is great for RTS they way a shotgun is in close quarters, you aren't going to be dealing with 1 enemy ever in a proper RTS match AoE & unpredictable shot patterns FTW here on both sides (randomly).
I personally would like to see a spread pattern added to more units if anything like Strategic Bombers than to turn one into a no skill weapon that anyone can use (see new guns introduced to CoD for this that the majority of players use due to imbalance(s)).
As with fighting one unit only, using only artillery should not happen an if you are talking about the Fixed t3 or t4 installations, remember that is a half-full map range scout and target = no lose situation = no fun for anyone but the first to build one.
Randomness working is almost equivalant to luck if it isn't already and pulling off a lucky play or shot just feels satisfying in any game doesn't it?
I am sorry if i misunderstood anything written above due to any kind of language barriers but this is how I feel on the subject regardless.