Latest Patch Cripples Airdrops

Don't know what the latest patch did, but the Air Transports in AI Wave Survival now barely move. This is a custom unit in the mod, and I haven't edited it. It went from moving at an Air Speed of 16 to now barely moving at all.

I did just watch a replay from June 6th to confirm it was related to the patch, and the transports worked fine in the previous FAF version. Issue only appears in games using Patch 3810.

There was a bug introduced relating to AI platoons which will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix - there's a significant chance it caused this behaviour. The fix has been incorporated into FAF develop - could you check if you get the same issue if playing on FAF develop?

@maudlin27 Yeah, I've notice a few "warns" & errors in the log that were AI related. Though thought that was the "norm", and thus didn't report it

We're looking into this, it may be related to #6279 and some previously unknown interaction in the engine.

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