Double Allied Tournament 2

sign up WilloWisppsi and IMakeWarOnU (2000+1900)

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Registration ended. Challonge table is created.
Additional notes on challonge tables added to second post.

Thanks for participation. I didn't except initial group stage to take that long. The remaining games ( will be played next sunday starting at the same 13.00 UTC time. Thank you for understanding.

Second half is scheduled on 7th July 13.00 UTC. Full report about first half will be done at Wednesday.

The report consists of 3 parts: general summary, technical details of how event went through and how second half is planned to happen.

General summary

Many things were improved since the first double allied tournament. We've got bigger prize pool, no single elimination in the first half (everybody gets a second change).

And most importainly more participants. Overall there were 20 teams registered & 18 teams playing. 36 participants in one tourney is the second biggest number after Rainbow Cup. That means we're got the most numerous tournament in this year so far! It had required a lot of work to achieve this.

This resulted in a downside of having a little bit of too much games. And not even too much games, but really to much waiting alternating between winning and losing section. I will look forward to avoid waiting stall in the future.

Final stage rules

Starting from now any remaining team can play against any remaining team at any time and report to me or Neytron results in Discord so we'll update score. You can play Wednesday, Friday etc if both teams wish to.

At Sunday 13.00 UTC everyone who will still have games left to play should show up to play the remaining games & tie-breaks. If any team didn't finish the remaining games, it will be counted as a technical defeat.

In order to compensate the players we've expanded prize pool with a conditional 4th and 5th place 10$ reward.

Since some players may not have an additional outside initial tournament planned time, we allow to replace any player in the team with any equal or lowered-rated player. I.e. your 1700-rated ally is busy, you can replace it with 1500-rated one and finish the tournament, but not vice versa. You cannot replace both teamates, only one of them. If one of teamates cannot play - it can be swapped, if both - the team is disqualified.

Map pool for final stage ( :
Round 1. Phenom Spartiate v2. Playable slots: 3,4,5,6
Round 2. Adaptive Mars Mangala Fossa. Playable slots: 5,6,9,10. Slots 1,2,11,12: spawn mex
Round 3. Lush NA. Playable slots: 1,2,5,6
Round 4. Sands of Ablicka 3v3 version (not 5v5!)
Round 5. Project Mesa HD. Playable slots: 1,2,5,6
Round 6. Abandoned Desertland. Playable slots: 13,14,15,16
Round 7. Daroza's Sanctuary

Reserve maps (if any of two teams vetoed map in the list):

  1. Bermuda. Playable slots: 1,2,7,8
  2. Adaptive monument valley. Adaptive Monument Valley. Playable slots: 7,8,9,10. Slots 1,2,3,4: spawn mex
  3. Adaptive step forward. Adaptive step forward. Playable slots: 1,2,5,6. Slots 7,8,9,10: spawn mexes.
  4. Abrogation. Abrogation. Playable slots: 1,2,3,4

Technical details

Due to tournament rules the challonge table has been forced to be splitted in two half: group stage and round robin stage. It might cause some additional question on how teams passed to the second half. Why there are groups with 2 passed teams and others with 1 passed team? Why there was an 'additional' game in one group and not the others?

In the group stage there was three teams that got free wins due to opponents not showing up (Karateka, Starchasm, Yudi). Since after first 3 round there was 8 teams remaining, those team has to play an additional round. Yudi and Starchasm already got out of tourney losing 2 games, so the only team that played 4th round in group stage is team Karateka. After that there was exactly 7 teams passing to the final stage of tournament. Each of those passed team got exactly 3 wins (in real games) with no more than 1 lost game. That's how they've passed.

  1. If after 3 rounds there will be more than 7 teams, then teams that got bye (free win) will play additional round. That way they'll have to play equal amount of real games as everyone else.
  2. If after that number of teams will still be more than 7, everyone else also plays 4 round. After that number of teams will 100% be less than 7.

If let's say Karateka won 4th round game, then it would be still 8 teams in the game. In that case all other groups with 2 teams remained in it would play an additional 4th game. But need in this additional round didn't emerge.

There's also a game release that is set for this weekend. It was supposed to be last weekend, but postponed because of your tournament.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@jip What game release?

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

Game version 3810, for all the changes see also the artifact that you can download on GitHub.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@jip If there is any chance to release it on Saturday or on Sunday before 12.00 utc it would be great. We don’t need weekly delay, just 12 hours of second half of Sunday

Final stage results.

I'm glad to announce that all teams managed to finished the tournament.

Winners are:
I. hybrid & Deli with unmached 10 points (5 wins) getting 80$
II. BlInChIk & Neytron got 8 points and won Bo3 tie break to secure 2nd place along with 30$
III. Wifi & Toka got 8 points as well, getting 3rd place and 20$
IV. Lunyshko aka Banani & Finisterre with 6 points getting 4th place and 10$
V. Zlo & OCA got 5th place with 10$

All 1-4th places will get custom avatars as well.

Thanks for all participants, especially those who played both stages. Congratulations to winners.

Custom avatars has been given to the winners. Thanks for dev team for fixing broken avatars bug which persisted for several months.

Payments of prize money has also been finalized.