New Map Generator Options

  1. "Biome" only has the option "RANDOM" - why have a drop down menu then?
  2. Some of the options are unclear. What does "resource generator" mean (basic, low_mex, water_mex)?
    --> many of the terrain generator options are unclear ("flooded, valley, little_mountain, mountain_range)
  3. What is prop generator (high_reclaim vs large_battle, what is "basic"?)

It feels like there is very limited information/no examples/images gives, so players have to painstakingly try out all the options to make sense of them. Frustrating.

Easiest to understand elements are the sliders. Helpful. Option to use map names is great too.

  1. I don't understand why no water slider will be added back in (how can I ensure I get random maps without water?).
  2. If there is a list of terrain options could we just click those we want to be included when going random (to exclude others)?
  1. If biome as only has the option random then likely something is going wrong when the client is trying to get the options from the generator.
  2. The names try to be descriptive of what they are but full descriptions are just lacking at the moment.
  3. Prop generator is effectively reclaim
  4. The water slider was removed because it was incredibly unreliable. And it is easier to pick terrain styles that are low on water
  5. That is a good idea and will have to see if it can be done without cluttering the UI too much.

Thanks. Maybe it also could be added what kind of map one gets (gras/green, snow/white, alien etc.).
I find some colors harsh on the eyes.

That is what the biome controls

We should indeed add tooltips that describe the options. They are not hard to add, but someone has to write them. It's much appreciated if someone wants to contribute descriptions

I've been looking into making the dropdowns multi-select as my first PR. There's no existing control in JavaFX so we'd have to write our own. I'm still trying to get the hang of Java so it might be a little beyond me right now. Idk how yall use this language 🤕

We are using multiselect in other areas of the client, so you could copy the code from there

Was not aware of that, I will check it out!

Yeah you can look at one of the vaults they have it for I think the replay leaderboards.

That is exactly what I was looking to implement. Sweet