Fatboy rear guns (radius)

Could the radius of the Fatboy's rear guns be minimally extended so that they can also fire forward when the Fatboy is assigned a target? I find it quite frustrating when very often 50% of the firepower is not used.

Fatboy should be able to fire 3 guns when you right click on a target and it automatically rotates towards it, so only 25% maximum firepower is lost.
Do you know in what situation it only fires 2 guns? Would be best if its reproducible in a sandbox game too, but a replay works.

Yes, if it doesn't move and then has the ability to turn slightly in position to use 3/4 main guns.
But I don't find that really satisfying. Since you keep the Fatboy moving most of the time, you often can't use its already quite bad possibilities against other T4 units of the other factions.
Every other T4 unit can make full use of its main firepower if you assign it to a target (if you advance and go on the offensive). Only the Fatboy can't, because a few degrees are missing for the rear turrets.
And yes, the full name is "UEF Experimental Mobile Factory" and not mobile arty. Nevertheless, it is not used because of its construction possibilities but because of its turrets. Just like the Atlantis for torps and anti-air or CZAR for its Independence Day White House Laser + Allahu Snackbar Crash Landing.

I'd like the fatboy be given the ability to go into turret mode, + shield radius/points but make it immobile.