Problems adding emitters to a repack sequence

Been trying for most of the day to add a smoking / steaming barrel effects to a weapon going through its repack sequence. Damming thing is the effects are not showing, nor are then LUA errors. Anyone know what I maybe missing as this is bloody frustrating.


			PlayFxWeaponPackSequence = function(self)
				if self.SpinManip_R then
					--Stop the barrels spinning
 					local steamFX_R01 = CreateAttachedEmitter(self.unit, 'auto_cannon_barrel_right', self.unit.MyArmy, '/effects/emitters/weapon_mist_01_emit.bp'):ScaleEmitter(1):SetEmitterParam('Lifetime', 5):OffsetEmitter(0,0,0)
					for k, v in effectTemplate.SmokePlumeLightDensityMed01 do		
						local smokeFX_R02 = CreateAttachedEmitter(self.unit, 'auto_cannon_muzzle_right', self.unit.MyArmy, v):ScaleEmitter(1):SetEmitterParam('LIFETIME', 5)

Ok I've figured out the the Lifetime parameter is pretty large.... so setting a life time of less then 10 makes the effect so quick that it's not even noticeable.

Yes, lifetime is in ticks (10th of a second), and then any particle size effects will scale on that lifetime, reducing the visible time to just a few ticks.