Please show rating changes in replay vault

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This might seem inelegant, but it's highly unusual that you get consistently matched with people of significantly higher rating than yourself.

I'm just giving an example. "consistently matched with people of significantly higher rating than yourself" is a bit exaggerated. But in my last 20 1v1 matches, there are only 4 games (20%) that my opponents had higher rating than me (opponents are Aranei, Maximbes, Ternencebroad and Mielus), and there are 16 games (80%) that my opponents had lower rating than me. And it is obviously lower in average.

In 1400+ ladder it is quite common to match with a player 200 or even 300 rating above or below yourself. Then, because no one else joins the queue, y'all proceed to play a 10 game series

One issue is that the points required to change division is so high, and FAF games take so long, that now there doesn't feel like there is much progression. You win 5 games in a row, it takes 3 hours, and your division is still the same. If we remove the numerical rating we need divisions that change more often.


@balfron We have a few dozens of divisions, no reason to have a bloat of them. Rating is good for getting some innacurate but exact number, division is good as a milestone.

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Can someone in detail explain to me what you are getting from seeing the exact rating change please? Because I frankly don't get it

Because outside of rating change I can immeditely see rating value. I can see that at the moment of the game 1 player was 1650 and other was a 1230 without need to open a replay. That's a hella important information whenever you're checking some replay, so it should be easily available.

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Pls give us back rating system.
Its way better than this stupid league system like in cs:go.

rating sistem is quite accurate and fair (when it concerns ladder rating espessially) like in chess, u know. why lichess and chesscom wouldnt introduce "league system" then?? because league system sucks. and it equalise not equal players. with rating system i can always see the difference. between farms f.e. and sladow and so on.

if u suck in chess, u suck in chess and have 200 rating. when u suck in supcom, u suck in supcom and have -200 rating, its fair. frustrating? play sims
(instead of "play sims" i wanted to write "fuck u", but that wouldnt be polite)

I just wanna note that the league system is currently not working.

Yes, we are working on it.

I appreciate the work that contributors do for the game and efforts they make to lead the balance and cultivate community and new player experience.

That said, it's been very disappointing losing the ability to see rating changes in the replay vault, and in-game.

In-game it has removed the ability to strategise about targeting players based on their rating, at least for the moment where the league placements are only rarely displaying. Which I have to ask, if the new system isn't functional yet, why has it already supplanted the old system ? And then even when it is fully functional in the future, the league placement will give us less granular data than the previous numerical rating did.

In the replay vault it, as others have mentioned it was really nice being able to see the number go up especially if you got a big boost when you got lucky and beat a player with a much higher rating than you. I think most people understand that it's a heuristic and not entirely accurate. It doesn't need to be, it does the job reasonably enough, especially averaged over long periods of time. Also, isn't this inaccuracy shared by the league system?

I personally wasn't discouraged by the negative rating I attained as a noob and enjoyed the grind, it felt like a real accomplishment finally getting into the positives. An accomplishment which now feels like its been taken away 😞 And I only got into FAF in the last couple years, I imagine that feeling of loss could be more severe for people who've invested more time.

One other argument I've seen that strikes me as particularly questionable. That the league system will reduce people being flamed by teammates when a higher rating loses to a lower rating.

I mean a) there will still be league differentials. Is this just saying it will obscure, say, a difference of 300 by categorising them in the same league? I guess thats one way of addressing that, but people can still be flamed for being a diamond losing to a gold or whatever so its hardly a comprehensive solution on its own terms. But more importantly b) flamers are going to flame. I don't think this is going to solve that problem to any degree whatsoever. The kind of person who gets in chat to textually scream at their teammates for losing in a video game, like. You can't solve that by obscuring the rank differentials by a moderate degree as this change does. You couldn't solve it by obscuring the differential 100%. They will just find something else to throw slurs about because that's who they are. Trying to design the game so it psychologically engineers such people into not being unhinged is a hopeless endeavour.

at least for the moment where the league placements are only rarely displaying. Which I have to ask, if the new system isn't functional yet, why has it already supplanted the old system ?

Are there cases where divisions of players don't show up even though they should? To my knowledge the system is fully functional. It can be that people don't have a placement yet because the current season started only recently.