cannot log into client

Hi, im new here and im trying to set up faf. im on win 10, have the game on steam and have made a profile in it, ive made a faf account and linked it with steam, my login credentials are correct. ive checked my AV and cant find any files from faf in quarantine, nor did my AV warn me of anything while i was setting up. yet no matter what i try i cannot get past the client login screen. it tries logging me in for about 10 secs and then puts me back into the login screen along with a "lost connection to server during login" message. I have also tried disabling my AV and firewall and still nothing.

heres my client log, the ice log is empty, as in theres a log file but nothing in it...


Maybe ask in "technical help" on FAF discord

@Amygdala thats helpful, thank you