$350 BigBrain 1x1 Tournament

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@indexlibrorum said in $350 BigBrain 1x1 Tournament:

@dorset Really cool Dorset! Very kind.

Thank you....but Skrat is putting much more into this than me.

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Make t3 mex, not war


The embodiment of depression...


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Registration is closed. You can report the results of the games in the FAF chat, on the forum or in Discord. If you can't reach me, write to Aranei
Good luck and have fun!

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Thanks to all the players for participating in the tournament!

Congrats to Chisato for winning the tournament!

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Final Results:
1st - Chisato
2nd - Pavor-
3rd - Nuggets

Thanks to TheWeakie and Aranei for the full broadcast of the tournament. Thanks also to all the other streamers who covered the tournament. Thanks to Lunyshko, Furkotya, NOC-, Fichom and TheWeakie for their help in organizing the tournament. Also thanks to Dorset for his epic donation! This tournament wouldn't be the same without you!

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So it's time to determine who had the most epic explosion at the tournament! Voting will close on 05/15/2024 at 21.00 UTC

Update: Congratulations to the Nuggets for winning the vote. It was an epic explosion!
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