IP ban because roommate and I are playing at same time?

Hi my roommate and I were playing earlier with some other friends and all of a sudden we couldn't log back in. The FAF client would say "unable to connect to server" and we weren't able to access the forums.
We are assuming it is a IP ban of some kind? Is there any way to appeal the ban/tell if it is actually a ban?
We didn't get any email or any other sort of notification.
Thanks 🙂

huh weird. It seems to have gone away after about an hour or so. Nevermind! Anyone know the reason behind this/how to prevent it in the future?

I have an idea of what it might be. Your connection must be using Network Address Translation to share an external IP address. I'm guessing that the ports were still open and pointing to the old ip address. Try restarting your router. This will clear all the open ports.

your client will tell you when you will get a ban when you will try to log in however your problem is just a bad internet connection.

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