Change Seraphim Aircraft Carrier cruise missile to the same one as nuke subs

I was thinking after seeing the mass kill totals in a recent cast by some nuke subs just with their long range cruise missiles, that this could be a good change for the Seraphim carrier, since otherwise they lack any longer navy reach than their t2 cruisers, and having just the same weapon currently seems a bit redundant.

So, you would prefer the Seraphim carrier have a longer range tac missile, that fires much more slowly but does a lot of damage? The seraphim seems to mash units together, so it seems in line with how they work. It would be a lot harder to overwhelm tac missile defense with it, but if it hits it hurts and would have range. It sounds cool, but I'd say that the Torrent Aeon missile ship needs to be adjusted first, to get an idea of balance between single role and multi-role units.

I support this change, the battleship has the nuke launcher so the carrier can get the Tac launcher

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u