i need ehlp

@shdwurchinn said in i need ehlp:

Caused by: java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: C:\Users\Aarons\AppData\Local\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\Game.prefs

the client can't access the file / the location where the file is supposed to be.
either you have some security software blocking it or the permissions of the directory/file don't let the user running the client access it

@nex i checked security and made sure it has permission

@shdwurchinn did it change anything?

because the error message is pretty clear on what's happening.

So either try disabling your security software to see if it's blocking something or try running the client as admin, to see if that changes it. that should help narrowing down the cause.

("Aarons" is your user right?)

yes basically and i did run it as admin and it worked but still says game.prefs

what error message do you get then?

could not update mod states in game.prefs

Still sounds like something is wrong with the permissions on the file.
can you delete the game.prefs file and run the steam version (make sure it starts with your regular user)?
In the end your user should be the owner of the file and the directory (as seen under preferences->security>advanced) and should have full read/write access.

i went to forged alliance folder and its under the user and data and checked the properties and the write box wasnt checked so i checked it but im now missing my game.prefs since i deleted it

@shdwurchinn it should get recreated as long as you have write permission as soon as you start the game

thank u so much all this time i had to enable the write box qwq