Out of memory/Alloc error

Hi and thanks for your support with FAF!

We tried some coop games with 2 and 3 players but one of us always get´s this error after a while in a game.
Something like: ACCESS_VIOLATION: Write to 0x02CAF000 Out of memory/Alloc error

He has 32 gb of RAM and a RX7900XTX, so RAM and VRAM should not be a problem.
Is there any known fix?

@magge actually none. We play as a trio, and every time one of us crashes while the other two wait for the timeout. The player that crashes reinstalled Windows (clean install) before installing FAF and Supreme Commander. So unless FAF reinstalls with previously used mods, there should be none installed. I deactivated all mods (UI and SIM), so I can rule it out on my end, and this is also the case for the remaining player. The crash always happens for the same player. We already did standard stuff like checking the windows installation for errors (sfc /scannow).

I believe we played Blockade in coop, and the crash usually happens after the map widens for the first or second time if I remember correctly.

Thank you for looking into this!

I appreciate all the info.

@Jip Do you have an idea what is causing the crash by any chance? AFAIK it can be sound related (but have not seen that specific error) or script related to the map itself? Any thoughts?



@magge We have done the usual Sound related fixes, because audio was not working at first. So we deactivated any 3D sound settings and other fancy software like Steelseries Sonar. After that, sound was working for everyone.

I think it might be related to a script that was executed on that particular map. The crash happened at least once right after the event where the map increased in size for the first time, and at least once shortly after the second scripted event. The line you highlighted (nil value) could be the culprit, but I am not familar with lua and that code, so I can't be sure. I am familiar with a few other programming languages though, so if I can help in debugging in any way, let me know.

Again, thanks for looking into this!