Sunday Tournaments!

Sunday Tournament

Weekly Sunday tournaments are casually formatted with cash prizes! They are for people of all ratings to come and try out how competitive tournaments will feel without the pressure. There is a competitive and casual bracket, which you can get updates about via the tournament discord channel.

All competitors that intend to play should sign up at least one hour before the start. To sign up, you will need to join the discord. At the top of the channels, you will see events. Inside will be a list of tournaments.
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You can choose from the listed events you would like to participate in. Follow the link inside that event, which will take you to Challange. If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one before it will allow you to register. Once you register, you can view the bracket and see who you will compete against!

If you have any issues, please send me a PM through FAF or Discord, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Each week, there is a new format, which you will always be able to view here
Because this is a weekly tournament and time is of the essence, all games will be in a BO1 (best of 1) format. That means if you lose, you are out. Unless specified in the rules for that week's tournament.

All payments to competitors will be made via PayPal. After a tournament ends and you have placed in the earnings, I will contact you directly, asking for the email connected to your PayPal. I will then transfer the appropriate funds.

I will be the tournament director for all Sunday Tournaments, which means the winner of each game will contact me to let me know the score. if there is a tie, you will replay the map on the same settings. if there is any confusion or disagreement, I will decide the correct course of action. All other rules for these tournaments will be the same as for FAF, which you find here

Prize Pool
I am personally contributing USD 50 to prize money each week. 100% of all donations will be added to the Prize pool.

If you are in a country under sanctions, I will hold up to 50 dollars of tournament earnings. However, I can only transfer funds once the sanctions are lifted.

You forgot to mention that some of them have entry fees.

@endranii I'm only promoting the free tournament here. If people want more info about the paid one they will either be able to find it in the discord or can message me.