Game freezes in mission ioz-shavoh-kael


On this missions (ioz_shavoh_kael), the game freezes a few minutes after the second cinematic, when the first primary missions is done (Destroy Kael's Order base).
All units freeze but I am able to pan the view, select units but the gameplay is frozen.
The log is here:
I have 2 MODs enabled: Total Mayhem and the FAF unleashed. I reinstalled both of them, but the game still freezes.

FAF client: 2023.7.1
Windows version: Windows 10 Pro 22H2
Windows defender is enabled, no other AV or firewall.

I see lots of warnings in the log, but I dont know which one causes the freeze. The last warning occurs many times earlier too but those ones don't cause the freeze.

What could the issue be?


Since I honestly don't know whether the devs of the Coop-Discord actively follow forum posts or not, I'm going to leave this invitation link to the Discord here:

If you don't get an answer here, reposting it directly in that discord > #bug-reporting should guarantee the right persons see it asap

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The issue was solved by disabling the Black Ops mod.