Improving and normalising Rhino stats

As most would probably agree, cybran t2 land is pretty weak. The reason being as there are no mobile shields and, unlike seraphim, no cost efficient unit to mitigate this. To see the efficiency of each of the main combat units for each faction, I have made a table showing cost to stat ratios, along with range and speed. Lowest efficiency stats are marked in red.

Current version


The unit is ok on its own but suffers when considered in a 1v1 game against either shielded t2 or Ilshavoh. My proposition is simple. Reduce the mass cost to 270, e cost to 1350, and the build time to 1200. The stats would change as follows:

Proposed Changes

Though I'm not sure if this alone would be enough, I think that increasing the stats of the main t2 unit for this faction would help.

I unfortunately cant really provide a replay. The stats are available in the unit files and on the faf client unit tab.
Note that the DPS calculated on the client are not always accurate. The Rhino does not have 100 dps. It is 90 dps.

I agree that the buildtime/mass and energy/buildtime ratios should be changed to match as they are uniquely worse for seemingly no reason, but I would rather have the Rhino actually do 100 DPS instead of making it cheaper

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u