Is tier 2 even worth it?


So, was thinking about this for quite a bit, watched quite a bit of replays from ladder matchmaker (turns out, that was as addictive and fun ๐Ÿ™‚ ), and studied my own matches. In short here are some timers I`ve managed to hit in some of my own games.

Ok, so by min 4 or 5, I was already starting t2 tech, and was done before min 6, while also investing in mass points upgrades, to have around 40 mass per sec, reclaim excluded.

By 7:50 t3 was started, 9:30 was done with 68 mass per sec. That was enough to start producing units fast enough to deal with all the threats around.

We see there, timing for t2 units to do something on the battlefield is 3:30 min. Take into account, t2 starts being much more effective in a critical mass, that can deal with spam well enough, and that makes attack window even shorter. Small enough numbers are easy picks for Commanders with overcharge. That is 1/3 of the game stuff we are skipping than, or rushing over if you want to play optimal.

While numbers can varry depending on the harrasment, reclaim etc. they would still not change drasting enough due to fairly low`ish costs of tier upgrades.

To put it in perspective tier 2 mex upgrade is 900, while t2 tech upgrade was 1170, and tier 3 is 3810.

Even tier 3 units take a while to mass up, and by that time, experimentals start to come out. We have all seen some fast monkeys in our matches.

So I kina feel incentivised to rush to be competitive, and I think game would be better for it if we are not skiping huge chunks of its content. Though this is only my 2 cents on it, it just how it feels for me.

Maybe make the bass and / or build price of each tier upgrade higher to make it an investment since it does offer huge upgrades overall?


According to the replay vault, you haven't played a rated game in 9 months. So your questions are entirely theoretical.

The timing of when to move up to T2, T3, T4 is going to depend on things like: what map you're on, is it a 1v1 or a team game

You don't have to "mass up" T3 units in order to get use out of them. You can raid the enemy with 1-2 titans

If you play ranked 1v1s through the ladder, you will find T2 land being used a lot, probably more often than T3 land is used.

If you play ranked multiplayer games (in the matchmaker, or on maps that have a lot of land battles like Wonder) you will see T2 land a lot.

People who are not in the top half of competitive players should not be trying to adjust the game to fit them. They should be trying to adjust themselves to fit the game.



Yes, you are right. I was mostly playing 4vs4, and was speaking from that perspective, not even thinking how it would effect in 1vs1 matchups. Well, was just a suggestion, ballance is tricky ๐Ÿ™‚


T2 is one of the main things hurt from the swap to full share. The units are still fairly low range so when you kill an enemy ACU you often still lose a significant portion of your army. This makes a snowball push significantly harder to accomplish since the enemy doesnโ€™t lose their base but you lose a decent portion of your units.


Are you playing gap games?