3v3 TMM remove the 15x15 maps

they are too big and I seem to get them every game


In the current 1.5k+ 3v3 map pool, 1/3 of the maps are 15x15, 1/3 are 13.75x13.75 and 1/3 are 12.5x12.5. Is your issue with the 15x15 maps specifically, or is it the relatively narrow range of map sizes, or the lack of 10x10's at your rating, or something else?

pfp credit to gieb

I wouldn't mind 12.5 being the largest 3v3 sees. I don't even host bigger than that for 5v5. Would definitely like to play some 10s too.

In 1800+ custom 3v3+ I have not seen a size smaller than 12.5km played. Currently there's a "2000+" category in tmm which is unused. Perhaps if that category was changed to 1800+ or 1700+ and the previous one shifted down to 1400+ we could have a bit smaller maps for lower rating players while keeping the bigger maps for the top of the range. So eg.

<500:        {10km} x {6p}
500-1000:    {10km, 12.5km} x {6p, 8p}
1000-1400:   {10km, 11.25km, 12.5km} x {8p, 10p}
1400-1700:   {10km, 12.5km, 13.75km} x {10p, 12p}
1700+:       {12.5km, 13.75km, 15km} x {10p, 12p}

(recall that we are using average rating of the game atm to choose the map pool, so even if your rating is 1800 most likely you'd land in the 1400-1700 pool)

Speaking for myself I wouldn't want to play 10km mapgen in 3v3.

@Penguin_ oh I assumed I'd get 10x10 maps, and majority 12x12 and 13x13 based on what the Map List gives me.

I would prefer them all smaller, currently almost all games are won/lost in the expansion phase of the game, which I'm assuming is exaggerated because it's a generated map