FAF Instant crash (no lobby) unable to create effect: (...)\effects.nx2\effects\range.fx

Heyho, I recently updated my Linux to Ubuntu 23.04 and now FAF-Client does not launch the game anymore.

Playing via Steam works fine, only when I try to host/watch/ladder a game via FAF the Game instantly crashes. Last (and I guess relevant) log:

info: Compiled shader: /effects/primbatcher.fx
warning: z:\home\%USER%\.faforever\gamedata\effects.nx2\effects\range.fx: unable to create effect: z:\home\%USER%\.faforever\gamedata\effects.nx2\effects\range.fx reason: unknown error


Any helpful suggestions how to debug/fix the problem?

I am using the setup from https://github.com/FAForever/faf-linux

What I have tried so far:

  1. Reinstalled FAF and SupCom completely
  2. sudo apt install git wget jq cabextract libxcomposite1:amd64 libxcomposite1:i386 libfreetype6:amd64 libfreetype6:i386 tells me everything is installed on lates version.
  3. Used protonwrapper 'GE-55' and 'SteamExperimental'
  4. Sometimes, it crashes at primbatcher.fx, somtimes at sky.fx but its always in proximitry to range.fx
  5. Created a GithubIssue on the FAForever/faf-linux repo

Well if I remove the effects.nx2 file and run in offline mode (so the Client does not compare checksums and redownloads the files) it's working like a charm (Haven't played a full match, but I expect graphical glitches)

So my Question is: How do I get a better error message, what exactly went wrong while loading the effects?

my son an i have the same problem