AI Commanders Not Moving

Strange problem here. AI Commanders are not moving. I have 3 mods installed and it works fine when someone else hosts.

When I host the AI commanders don't move.

The vanilla game runs fine.

I have the AI-Uvesco, Total Mayhem, and black Ops mods installed.

We'll need a log. If you're playing using the FAF Develop game type then make sure to choose the FAF game type instead. You can choose the game type as you click 'Create game' in the client

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

I found out it was one drive causing me issues. Uninstalled the darn product.

@jip Bit of necroposting here, have the same issues but I've been trying to use the Nomads game type. Should I assume it's broken there as well?

And if a log is needed, I can flash up a game and grab a log if you want. I've been running with the Sequentially Upgrading Extractors and Supreme Scoreboard UI mods, but when disabled the vanilla AI doesn't move. Was mostly futzing around trying to relearn Nomads again the Easy AI, but Normal and Hard didn't move either.

You can report issues with* the Nomads game type here:

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@jip Thank you, apparently it's a known issue over there!