Test Processor


only 1 processor out of 4 is involved in the test, what's the problem?

Supcom is not mulit threads and only uses 1 core hence why clock speed is king for this game also you can force the game to not use the first 2 cores (phyical and logical) which should also give a perf bump

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@rowey Thank you

A bit more context:

It is multi threaded, but the thread that matters the most (the simulation thread) is run on a single thread. That is why the test only takes into account one thread too.

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Maybe it will come in handy for someone, except for Windows, I didn’t change anything, and the performance increased from 410 to 290ForgedAlliance_2023_03_30_18_17_53_500.png

Probably the CPU core was not involved with some other background task at that moment.