Engineers in a factory attack move do not reclaim

Right in the middle of the map, 17:15 on for a few minutes engies in a factory attack move are ignoring reclaim directly in front of them.

They are not idle.
Mass in storage is zero.
The reclaim is certainly close enough.

WTF is going on. I have been noticing my engies acting really stupid since I came back.

I don't know why they are not reclaiming. Possibly it is because of the enemy walls next to them, but usually you would see them at least trying to reclaim stuff. Factory attack move doesn't work if any enemy units are nearby, including walls. The engineers just try and fail to reclaim the enemy unit on an endless loop and get nothing done.

@ThomasHiatt This is interesting. I am going to be leaving random walls around wrecks from now on.

@ThomasHiatt On syrtis the engineers have no issue with attack move order in the middle where there are a bunch of civilian walls.

It only affects factory attack moves and not regular attack moves. I also don't know if neutral civilians have the same effect as enemy units or not.