Redesign of the Cybran naval factories

You can find out about why we're making these changes and what other factories we've tackled so far in the overview topic.

You can use this topic to discuss the design of the Cybran naval factories. The HQ is the base factory that ships with Steam FA. The support factory is the same mesh, but trimmed down. The primary features to recognize it are:

  • (1) It is quit a bit thinner
  • (2) A section (the back flip, on the east end of the factory) is submerged

Summary of feedback

No feedback so far.

Old design




New design




A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

i'll assume no feed back here means we got it right with the navy factory

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It has the same issue as the other support facs... They are smaller than the t1 navy fac which makes no sense since they are more powerful. Also I find the t2 HQ hard to distinguish from a t1 factory (old one is too tho). They do look better than the land factories though imo

Based on Blodir's feedback. What about swapping the support factories you have there for T1 and support T2 while using the old t1 as support t3? I like the look of these ones but as Blodir pointed out the smaller frame should translate to build power.

Water reflecting nonexistent parts of the support fac

Edit: Wait no... is that part just underwater?

It is underwater, yes

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned