Why does this game desync so much? Desyncs in games, desyncs in replays. The most desyncing game ever.

If you play faf develop a lot it is not designed for replayability so don't expect them to last too long.

Otherwise check your mods aren't breaking replays.

@sheikah said in Desyncs:

check your mods aren't breaking replays


Try without them

@blackyps Not possible. Will take a lot of tests, since desyncs don't happen all the time. I just wanted to say that it's a lot compared to other games.

Well, most other games don't even have the concept of desync

Aside from replays ive seen max 1-2 desyncs in thr last half year

I know of 1 time when I ALT+F4ed and it desyncs the game for the rest because it was on stream, and I often get desyncs just by watching replays of my own games that are about an hour old.