Add non-voting members to the balance and matchmaker teams

I think the balance and matchmaker teams should be more active, inclusive and transparent. However, both teams understandably have manpower/time limitations and relatively high standards for accepting new members due to the nature of the teams' activities. Thereby, I propose that both teams start expanding their membership with the addition of non-voting members who don't need to meet such a high bar to get non-voting membership status.

The new non-voting members could participate in discussions, provide insights and ideas, and help out, even if they don't get to vote. This could also help lessen the barrier to getting new full members for both teams, as potential members can also be tested out a bit and learn some from the team, without participating in team votes unless/until they've proven themselves enough to become full-fledged voting members.

And given that both teams are currently very disproportionately composed of high-rated players, the new non-voting members could help provide some additional perspectives to help guide the teams' focuses to better consider regular players' perspectives and concerns, while also helping out and increasing the connection between the teams and the community.

pfp credit to gieb

I'm not aware that there was a requirement of being part of faf association to be able to become a member of these teams?

Yudi is part of the matchmaker team but isn't a faf associate. There hasn't been a single time in the balance team either when a new member was judged on being part of the association or not.

I don't believe Penguin means non-voting in the sense of the association but rather in the sense of have a leadership or direction defining say on what the team does or who leads it.

Ah my bad i misunderstood. In that case it actually seems like a pretty good idea

This was already planned but I have no time untill the mid/end of February when I finish my exams.