Will using a vpn help my lag


Pretty sure since I live in Japan i get packet loss lag. If I got a VPN do you think it would help with that? If not any ideas on how to fix?


What helps with having low lag is the following
Good ping to other players (under 500)
Low Latency
Low jitter
very low packet loss
good cpu

You can use this site to check your network

First make sure your home network has no issues like faulty network cables, switches or very old routers that are dying.
Also make sure your ISP has not put you on a Carrier-grade NAT, if they have try an op out of it.

Also you want to make sure your NAT type is OPEN (you can use Xbox console companion to test this) https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/xbox-console-companion/9WZDNCRFJBD8?hl=en-au&gl=au&rtc=1

Also while gaming make sure someone on the network is not saturating your download or upload bandwidth.

Also check https://wiki.faforever.com/en/FAQ/Connection-Issuses-and-Solutions
Hope this helps.

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