Host has left the game issue

Each time I want to host a game, the game ist joinable, but then a pop up appears with the message, host has left the game. My brother and I have delete the ports in the firewall (supreme commander and faf ports). After restarting a game, firewall automatically asks us the ports to agree... so after another try, still the same massage pops up. Now we have try to join in a game of another host. It works.. but we both cant create a game.... oh may important. We are using the same internet.. but this shouldnt be the reason of issue cause we could play together before

Have you completely disabled any security software for testing purpose?

I just have the windows defender, and i nearly shut down everything that could effect the game. No change.

I have find a thing. We were trieing to create "blind" maps, over the random map generator. Than the error poped up. Now we have take a map we both have and it worked... -.- After this, We have generate a unexplored map... it worked again... i think blind maps some kind of trouble

..however it does not work for ( just for him). If i host, the message comes again if someone join

@versailin maybe it’s something to do with your own PC?

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