In-game scoreboard should list map author


As title says: the in-game scoreboard should just list the map author. This is mostly to make the information more accessible - right now the only way to find map author is to look up the map in the vault. Doing so would allow players to give more feedback to the map authors, allow casters to more easily determine who made what map, and give the map authors a bit more recognition.


Apologies for the terrible edit. I'm sure it would look nicer than what I'm able to do in paint.


Perhaps a rollover with more complete map information would be better, rather than trying to fit it into what is already a crowded window.


There's not much space left for that, especially with longer map names like all adaptive ones


Also the map files don't have the author field like mods do, so there's no easy way to get that info.


I was thinking of making a PR this weekend that makes a 'hover over' box when you hover over the map. It will show the description, where people generally write the author.


What if the 'ID: 13083186' was moved in between game speed/game quality and the unit count?
Or perhaps the top right could show map author in observer perspective, and unit count when viewing from a specific player. It appears to show 0/0 (or 0 + tank symbol) when in observers, which really isn't useful or meaningful.


Why not add the author to the map name


Setonesk reclaim fiesta - Archsimkat


It just doesn't belong in the name of the map.


@archsimkat said in In-game scoreboard should list map author:

As title says: the in-game scoreboard should just list the map author.

I will try to add this info in the next version of Supreme Score Board mod. By the way there is a new version (6.0) of this mod which add a new features and fixes. Please rate this mod because previous rating were removed when I uploaded new version.