I can't log in . An unseen until now problem

I have been playing Supreme Commander since Vanilla and FAF since its creation.

Lately I try to log in and instead of going to the normal client the next window appears which prompts me to log in via browser(?)


Then this:

Then this:


Then this:

And then nothing happens. It should be happening as my game is linked to steam.


If I click out of curiosity on link account to steam , this happens

and then this:


Which is correct(my alias , last change is indeed prodromosregalid and it used to be somordorp an anagram of my real name prodromos. This used to work , no problem at all untill recently.

I have a suspicion this is happening because I changed the internet provider , and so maybe the security checks identify a new player, because of a new connection.

I don't really know.
Can anyone help ?


Your problem is that you created 2 different accounts and think one is an alias of the other.
It has nothing to do with your internet provider or anything.


are 2 different accounts. The probably both belong to you. Only prodromosregalid is linked to steam, so you rather use this one for login.

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You are my saviour!

Back in the day , if I remember correctly, you could not log into forged allinace from 2 different computers. (home and office) hence my 2 accounts , one of which is now obsolete as only the prodromosregalid was linked to Steam. As years pass we forget.

But I owe you one!

Thank you a ton!