FAF client freezing on menu

Hi, I've just bought a new pc and installed FAF supcom etc but have come across an issue with the client freezing.
It really is random but will always happens, maybe 1 in 10 I can start a custom game.
Sometimes I can't even click off the first tab and it freezes. I've got rid of Mcafee and disabled firewall in case that was interfering but hasn't helped.

Only thing I can think is it won't let me reduce the resolution and game doesn't load windowed like it did on my old pc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
client log.txt

For testing purpose, try to disable any security software (Windows Defender)

Attach some logs next time as well, thanks in advance.

@magge I've added the client log to original post, thanks. I've found an issue with Forged Alliance base game, if I try to load a skirmish on steam it closes the game and gives an error with some file names so could be this? I've tried reinstalling a bunch of times and compatibility settings but nothing works.

Can you attach the last game log as well?

Also make a screenshot of said error which happened when you try via steam.