4x4 balance issue with non-mirror raitings

There is a kind of problem in matchs with 1700 + 3x 700 vs 4x 1000 players.
I think there is no reason to explain this.
Im not complain what this is 100% lost games or maybe they even not so unbalanced, but this is really frustrating experience.
Especially on large maps, whre you even cant help ally, whostands vs TOP rated monster.

I purpose to count raiting in this cases non-linearly.
For sake, 2600 + 200 player vs 2x 1400 on big map is just a rape.

Yes, big maps tend to generally increase the skill gap between players. However, the contrary is the case on smaller maps, where skill differences are sometimes less impactful.

I share your observation that particularly in matchmaker, teams with very large skill differences can lead to a frustrating experience for the opposing team. Note that the matching algorithm tries to avoid these pairings, but they are unavoidable when people team up for the queue. Back when TMM was new I was quite often running into one particular team of one 2200 with a couple 300-600 rated friends. To avoid the frustration, I ended up just adding them to my friendlist and only qued myself when they were already in a game.

This is an issue that somewhat fixes itself over time as ratings adjust. And it's also jucy to read the complaints post of certain 2k+ rated players on the forums when they realize that they are suddenly incredibly overrated.

i play quite often with a group of freinds and the ratings differ between 700 - 1400
fair to say the lower rated of the group are quite tired of being the punching bag always being put against the enemy teams highest rated